5 Great Employee Christmas Gifts

October 16, 2019

Sometimes it’s not about the practical gifts. Sometimes it’s about the GREAT Employee Christmas Gifts!

For corporate planners, business owners and other gift givers, this is a critical time of year. Everyone is in search of Great Employee Christmas Gifts. This is when you need to lock down your corporate holiday gifts, ensuring once the cold weather hits you can start spreading the unbridled cheer, unique corporate gifts in hand.

And, to us, that’s key, especially in this hyper-competitive landscape. Now more than ever, it’s time to ditch the gift cards and consider some seriously unusual holiday gifts – starting with our roundup below. These unique corporate gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone and everyone on your gift list, including staff, clients, vendors or, even, your top customers. Cheers to that. And cheers to finding Great Employee Christmas Gifts!!

1. Remote-Controlled Mini Flying Drone

For the tech-savvy person who has every gadget out there, a drone is sure to stand out in their collection – and under their tree.

Choose from different color patterns and drone designs, for a sleek set or a few different options to distribute. Each drone “pack” comes with rechargeable batteries, a USB charging cord and a remote control that doubles as a carrying case. Bonus: this drone is super easy to fly. So, whether your recipients take it for a spin or pass the controls to a junior pilot, your holiday gift will no doubt soar.

2. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Cold hands can curb your fun, especially when you’re out and about taking in all things winter. That is why this six-hour rechargeable hand warmer tops our list of unusual holiday gifts. Not only will it keep you toasty, it also doubles as a portable charger. Recipient’s hands will stay warm and their phone can recharge no matter where they are.

This is an ideal gift for virtually anyone – the outdoorsy client who can’t unplug, the on-the-go exec who always forgets to charge up, your always-freezing colleague and anyone who’s out and about in the colder months but who can’t ditch their smartphone. Chances are you’ll want to hang onto at least one for yourself, especially as the temperatures drop – trust us, we did.

3. Electronic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

The planning, the shopping, the cooking, the hosting – there’s so much that goes into the holiday season. This year give your clients, vendors, employees and customers something that will keep them calm and collected, even as holiday stress starts to rise.

Enter – oil diffuser. This easy-to-use diffuser adds a relaxing aroma and oh-so-calm ambiance to any space. Equipped with a timed shut-off and six different color options, it provides a customizable and hassle-free experience for anyone on your list.

And, of course, an oil diffuser isn’t just holiday centric. Similar to our other luxury corporate gifts, this one is perfect for year-round use, anytime your recipient needs a little ahhh in their life.

4. 2-in-1 Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle with Wireless Charger

One of the most unique high-end corporate gifts to make the list, this water bottle/wireless charger duo will get your clients talking. Ideal for that on-the-go person, this sip-and-charge station will keep phones charged and thirsts quenched.

The bottle holds 22 ounces of liquid and offers plenty of space for your branding, logo or messaging. And once charged, devices can keep going for hours – bonus.

5. Electronic Automatic Wine Opener

Raise a glass (or two…) to the wine enthusiast on your gift list – and that will be a lot easier with this electronic wine opener. With a rubber grip handle, a seal cutter and a recharging cable included, they’ll have everything they need to get their vino on. And, you’ll earn super kudos every single time they pop a cork.

Finding Great Employee Christmas gifts, or even great gifts for your customers and clients can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve got lots of diverse people on your list. Opt for something that seriously stands out, and you’ll no doubt wow your crowd, no matter what tops their holiday wish list. Reach out and we can work together to find the perfect fit!

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