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Single-use plastic is going down.

Like most people, I have taken a liking to the very functional silicone products my wife introduced to the kitchen a couple years back. That whole non-stick thing is big, but after time it seems to lose its charm. Covered in stains and funky residual tastes, I’m left with the guilt of continuing to use it, or even worse, trying to recycle it with little confidence. With the war against single-use plastic ramping up, our partnership with Amaziya.com made a lot of sense. We shared values that could no longer be ignored. They planned to introduce the first enzyme based cleaner in the market, designed specifically for silicone. Proven to eliminate residual tastes and odors, and restore the natural wear and tear associated with everyday use, this patent-protected cleaner extends silicone products lifecycle indefinitely, protecting the greater good of our planet. Not only was this ground breaking cleaner introduced, but it opened the door for a BPA free silicone product line, growing the Amaziya family.

  • Services provided.
  • Logo design.
  • Branding systems.
  • Shopify website.
  • Packaging design.
  • Digital campaigns.
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Through the lens of the Amaziya perspective.

As a start up launching into the market, this project required end-to-end development. This brand development covered a 360° branding system, built for a digital first environment, and involved a full creative strategy, deployed to drive traffic to the Shopify e-commerce platform. This platform richly displays a product line the world can truly get behind.

Website Development – Working with the development team it was my job to provide the full blueprint of the visual site. Art directing stylization, style sheets, and CSS heavily throughout the site, creating and providing all the assets to the team for ongoing development.

Shopify Platform – Utilizing Sketch, the InVision App, and Zeplin for full website prototyping and collaborating final website details with the Amaziya team, along with the Shopify development team.

A mission of 
greater good.

Through this build out Amaziya generated a successful sales platform, ready to market their new product to consumers with a conscientious feel good product line that any consumer would be happy to support.

The instant success of Amaziya was overwhelming, out performing expectations in the first six months, and opening the door for years of great business ahead.