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Pinnacle Payments


Our journey with Pinnacle Payments began with a dynamic vision - to establish a brand and online presence that communicates expertise, innovation, and approachability in the world of payment processing, point-of-sale equipment, and business lending. As a startup, Pinnacle Payments was looking to differentiate itself through transparent pricing and industry expertise while emphasizing its local roots.

  • Services provided.
  • Research
  • Project Management
  • Brand and Logo Design
  • Custom Website Design
  • Development

Our collaborative mission was clear: to create a distinctive brand identity and a user-friendly website that serves as an invaluable resource for potential clients.

Branding Research

We commenced our journey with a deep dive into Pinnacle Payments and their target market, exploring the competitive landscape and industry norms. Collaborating closely with the decision-makers, we embarked on an initial set of mood boards, laying the foundation for the brand’s creative direction. Through research, we uncovered key insights and charted a course for success.

Brand Development

The mood board exercise served as our guiding star, illuminating the path forward. We started with the logo, as it plays a pivotal role in setting the brand’s tone and direction. With the logo in place, we extended our design efforts to other crucial elements like business cards, social media graphics, sales flyers, and more. This phase was also the genesis of brand guidelines, unifying the brand’s visual and messaging components.

Winning logo


Website Discovery

We initiated the website phase with a stakeholder meeting to brainstorm and outline customer journeys. This phase allowed us to craft a document specifying the website's needs, draft a sitemap, and ensure all essential pages were considered. The work in this phase dovetailed with the brand discovery, expediting the process.

Website Design

In the web design phase, we brought the sitemap to life using the design system established in the branding phase. Collaboratively, we reviewed a fully interactive prototype, iteratively refining it with their feedback. Our approach embraced flexibility, allowing them to provide feedback both during meetings and via InVision. With their approval, we transitioned to the development phase.

Development Phase

In the development phase, we worked diligently to bring the website to life. While meetings were not required in this phase, our email communication ensured a smooth progression. We focused on hosting and domain tasks, ensuring the website aligned with the approved design, without deviations.

Looking Ahead

With development concluded and the website now live, we facilitated staff account setup, shared logins, and provided comprehensive training. Our commitment extends to 12 months of website support, covering standard WordPress maintenance, malware protection, and an hour of developer time, all at no extra cost.

Our journey with Pinnacle Payments showcases the potent blend of collaboration and innovation. Together, we've breathed new life into a brand that exudes professionalism, approachability, and community roots. The website stands as a tangible testament to our expertise and dedication to user-friendliness.

As Pinnacle Payments charts its course of growth and success, we stand by their side, unwaveringly committed to establishing them as a prominent name in payment processing and business lending.

Heartfelt thanks to the entire Pinnacle Payments team for entrusting us with their brand. We look forward to contributing to their sustained success. This case study provides insights into the services rendered, project phases, and the remarkable outcomes achieved for Pinnacle Payments.