Why Blue Light Glasses Should Be Included in Your Promo Gifts this Year

February 24, 2020

Should Blue Light Glasses Be Included in Your Promo Gifts this Year?

Blue light glasses have been getting a lot of attention recently, and with good reason. Between work and leisure on our devices, adults spend a lot of time in front of screens – in fact, it’s an average of 11 hours a day.

A Hidden Danger

We already know other types of light put us at risk for certain diseases or conditions; for example, UV light can increase the likelihood of cataracts or glaucoma. But what about blue light?

For starters, blue light contributes to digital eye strain. One reason for this is we naturally blink less when looking at a computer or other types of screens. The effects are likely familiar, including tell-tale signs such as dry eyes, headaches, fatigue, and blurred vision. Even more concerning is the fact that continued exposure to the blue light emitted from our screens – whether that’s a TV, our phones, or another device – is suspected to play a role in macular degeneration, which can increase vision loss.

While research is still being conducted on blue light and its long-term effects, it’s a good idea to limit your use of screens. If you can’t cut screen time, consider grabbing a pair of light-blocking glasses to help protect your eyes.

Blue Light Blockers to the Rescue

Blue light glasses have actually been around for quite some time, but they’re making a resurgence as part of a popular lifestyle trend. This makes them a perfect promotional gift – right at the marriage of fashion and function.

As the full benefits of light-blocking glasses are being explored, research shows that blue light glasses can be especially helpful at night, because blue light interrupts our circadian rhythm. Looking at a screen in the final hour before bed, from watching TV to enjoying a book on an e-reader, has been shown to diminish both sleep quality and duration, as well as making it harder to fall asleep in the first place.

Some studies indicate the reason blue light has this effect is because it prevents our bodies from making melatonin, which naturally helps us get better, more restful sleep. Other research shows the verdict on blue light is still out. Regardless, scientists agree that exposure to blue light at the wrong times of day can be disruptive. Fortunately, light-blocking glasses in the evening can help.

Who Can Wear Them?

Blue light glasses don’t require a prescription, and they don’t include a magnifying component like over-the-counter reading glasses do. For contact-wearers, consider that while blue light glasses can be worn at the same time as contacts, a prescription pair of blue light-blocking contacts is also an option.

Gifting Glasses in 2020

Want 2020 vision on one of the best promo gifts to give this year? Blue light glasses are a top trend and a great choice for anyone who spends a significant amount of time in front of a screen. Give digital eye strain a rest this year with a fashionable pair of blue light-blocking glasses.

Gifting glasses not your thing?

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