Product of The Month: Stemless Wine Tumbler

November 30, 2018

Stainless Wine Tumbler

The holidays are fast-approaching – and if that’s not reason enough to raise an extra stemless wine tumbler or two, we don’t know what is. That’s why we’re all about December’s Product of the Month: our always-in-demand Stemless Stainless-Steel Wine Tumbler. We actually use these here at GB Pro – and everyone LOVES them. We gave them away at The 14th annual Liberty Road Foundation Charity Golf Tournament and Dinner Auction this August. They come in four awesome colors, fit an entire K-Cup, or a nice pour of wine (what we prefer.) They keep things hot or cold for extended periods of time, and with the awesome push/pull lid, bringing one on the go is worry free.

We offering FREE Setup ($55) plus $1 off each tumbler – so for the minimum order of 48, thats a $103 savings! What are you waiting for?

There’s a reason this wine tumbler is such a popular promo piece – and lots of reasons we’re elevating it to POTM status this month. For starters…

1. It’s Super On-trend

We’re in the midst of a vino revolution. The U.S. is officially the biggest wine-consuming nation in the world and your average customer is sipping on three gallons of wine per year. And, likely, much of that glass-raising is happening over the next few weeks.

In other words, this is the perfect time for a custom stemless wine tumbler. No doubt your clients will get tons of use out of this tumbler, during the holiday season and beyond. For an even bigger impact, consider doubling up your gifting, even, and offering each client a pair of tumblers. After all, who wants to toast to anything alone?

2. Doesn’t Discriminate

Red, white, rose, sparkling, sangria, mulled – this tumbler does not care. No matter the user’s wine preference, this stemless wine tumbler keeps drinks at the perfect temperate whether that’s ice cold or not. Whenever someone takes a sip, their vino will be ready for action.

3. Take it Anywhere, Anytime

From apple cider sangria for that post-Thanksgiving Dinner walk to hot mulled wine while caroling, your customers will love how easy to use and easy to carry this custom tumbler is. Because it’s stemless and stainless, it’s lightweight, and, again, keeps wine at the perfect temperature.

And, of course, once the weather picks back up, this tumbler is ideal for picnics, outdoor concerts and beach days – if there’s wine involved (or if wine could be involved…), this tumbler’s a must. With spill-resistant lids, it’s truly a go-anywhere, do-anything glass. Cheers to that.

4. Never Smashes

Everyone loves a chic stemless wine glass. The only problem? They break. Even with careful use, after a while and a few too many toasts, fragile glasses tend to give – and that’s no good. But even with endless “cheers,” endless pours and endless uses, this stainless-steel tumbler will never crack, chip or cave – and that means tons of use and tons of added exposure for your brand.

5. Promotes Good Health…

From better heart health to safeguarding from some cancers to preventing vision loss, there are tons of benefits to sipping on red wine daily. So, really, in giving your customers a wine tumbler or two, you’re indirectly supporting their heart health…right? Right! Another reason to raise a glass – or, in this case, a stemless wine tumbler!

Learn more about December’s Product of the Month here , or get in touch to customize your order.

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