Wireless Charging is here to stay

October 30, 2019

Wireless charging is one of 2019’s biggest tech trends, offering go-anywhere ease and convenience that’s hard to beat. It’s becoming so ubiquitous, in fact, the global wireless charging market is predicted to top $20 billion by 2023.

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The option to wirelessly charge a device may seem like a minor luxury, but the tech provides an efficient, streamlined solution to a familiar problem that touches everyone who carries a phone, tablet, or smartwatch – where (and when, and how) we’ll charge it.

One major factor contributing to this product’s explosive growth has been the standardization of wireless charging technology via Qi (as well as the adoption of Qi by major tech giants like Apple® and Samsung®). Qi-enabled pads, mats, stands, and other items continue to gain presence in the market. As the number of devices that support universal wireless charging increase, it’s clear this trend has staying power.

Are you thinking about wireless charging as a promotional gift or giveaway? Our 10,000mAh Wireless Charging Vault makes a perfect promo for busy, tech-savvy professionals. Its buttery matte finish and ultra-sleek design add aesthetic appeal and sophistication for any environment – from an office desk to a conference table to a travel work bag. Charge several devices at the same time with ports for Type C cables and Micro USB, plus wireless charging. Auto shut off feature prevents overcharging your device. LED Battery Level indicator! Works conveniently charges any Qi-enabled device (including iPhone® 8 and above, Samsung Galaxy® S6, S7 & S8 + more). Available in black, gray or white, it fits in just about anywhere.

Why Choose a Wireless Charger?

Wireless charging devices make particularly great promotional gifts because of their variability in size and design. For instance, a small charging dock can be easily tucked into a day bag or suitcase, while a sleek charging pad or mat makes for an elegant permanent fixture on a work desk or in a home office. You can also go for an ultra convenient take on wireless charging, go for our Qi Enabled Mouse Pad or opt for a more refined and luxe leather option. And wireless charging capability bundled with other technology creates the ultimate must-have item, such as this Echo Dot Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Charger.

The promotional value of these devices is worth paying attention to as well. According to ASI’s 2019 Global Advertising Study, power banks (including wireless charging stations), are a popular go-to. Thirty-three percent of consumers own at least one promotional power bank, and they’re fortunately an item that works well in duplicate – you really can’t have too many. One for the office, one or more for home, one for travel – the more accessible they are, the more charging convenience they provide.

ASI research also shows promotional power banks are kept for an average of 12 months, though 40% of consumers continue to use theirs for two years or more. During this lifetime, they’re used an average of once per week. At this rate, they typically offer around 900 impressions, which means a $20 item costs just two cents per impression.

Perhaps most significantly, gifting a wireless charging device indicates you’re aware of current product trends and are thinking meaningfully about what your employees, clients, conference attendees, or other consumers will derive maximum use from. For an upgraded gift, consider pairing our wireless charging pad with a set of wireless earbuds or a promotional car charging station.

Get all the details about our 10,000mAh Wireless Charging Vault:

  • 10,000mAh Battery Built-in – no cords holding you back
  • Pocket Sized
  • Qi-enabled and compatible
  • USB Micro and USB-C
  • Auto phone/device recognition
  • LED indicator
  • USB cord included
  • Available in black, gray or white

The future is here, and it’s wireless charging. Give the perfect promo gift this year for savvy clients and employees who are thinking forward when it comes to modern tech trends.

Get in touch to learn more about GB Pro Wireless Charging Pads and to start your order now.

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